Distal Acupuncture (Balance Method)

Distal acupuncture, also known as the Balance method, as taught by Dr. Richard Tan, (actually this style has been around for thousands of years) is a style of acupuncture that is extremely effective for treating pain related problems.

The vast majority of people with chronic pain will experience substantial or complete resolution of their pain. Conventional wisdom states chronic pain is not resolvable, but in fact most cases can be effectively treated.

The typical experience from receiving distal acupuncture is near immediate reduction or elimination of pain, often times within a few seconds of beginning treatment. It is normal for the pain to return and then be treated again, with several treatments typically necessary to effectively treat or resolve the pain.

Although all styles of acupuncture have much to offer, distal acupuncture is the most impressive and effective style for pain related problems I have seen and utilized.

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