Turning Point - Integrative Solutions for Chronic Pain

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Turning Point Written by Michael Wedge, L.Ac, M.Ac.O.M., DCH & Shelly Jacobs, MA, LPA

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Book Description

Chronic pain is a devastating problem that touches the lives of many, either directly or indirectly. Turning Point brings together the most effective alternative and integrative treatments based on the authors 23 years of treating chronic and intractable pain. Included are physical treatments such as Acupuncture, Pain Neutralization Technique, Supplements, Hormones, Herbal medicine and more. Additionally, psychological therapies such as Mindfulness, Clinical Hypnosis, and more are included. It is the intent of this book to expose the reader to treatment approaches they may not have considered, or rethink those previously chosen to not pursue, and to challenge what was believed to possible.

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