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  • Since 1992 we have helped thousands of people with their health problems, helped many reduce or eliminate their medications and improved their quality of life. A sampling of what they have to say can be found below
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Reason For Treatment: Adverse reaction/detox to birthcontrol

Benefits of Treatment: Dr. Wedge took the time to ask questions other providers and physicians overlooked. I appreciate his careful listening and focused treatment. Seeing Dr. Wedge always results in a relief from any pain or discomfort I may be experiencing. He is an invaluable asset to our community. 

Reason For Treatment: Chronic Hip Pain

Benefits of Treatment: I have suffered with hip pain for 25 years and nothing has given me relief for more than a few weeks at a time. Chiropractic was helpful, but I had to keep going on a regular basis to maintain relief. I had gone to Dr. Mike 3 years ago for neck pain, and with 6 treatments my neck has been pain free. I decided to give it a shot for my hip pain, and am excited about the results! I am not only pain free after 9 treatments, but my frozen shoulder is restored too. I feel that I got a 2 for 1 special!! I wasn't being treated for my shoulder, but it benefited anyway! I am not a big fan of needles, but I do love being pain free. I am able to exercise and play again, and get on with a healthy lifestyle. Dr Mike is very knowledgable and professional. I highly recommend acupuncture at this clinic. 

Reason For Treatment: Knee & Neck Pain with Stiffness

Benefits of Treatment: October 2013 I've worked for Dr. Wedge for just over 3 years & had been needle phobic so I never sought treatment for problems until just recently. In 11/2012, I slipped on the ice & hyperextended my left knee. I tried resting, exercise, braces, losing weight, & anti-inflammatories. Nothing worked & was ready to accept possible surgery. After 3 treatments I could finally climb & descend a flight of stairs without pain. I also had limited range of motion in my neck (according to a chiroprator seen 7/2013) that was associated with pain, soreness, & more recently headaches. Chiropractic manupulation made the headaches worse & more frequent. After my first acupuncture treatment, I had a feeling of euphoria. It was unbelievable how much I could turn my head, there was no pain, & the stiffness was decreasing. I was sleeping better & my moods were much more positive. After 4 treatments, I feel wonderful - normal again. I have had this neck problem for many years but was not aware it was not normal until I couldn't turn my head one day in May. I'm no longer harbor any phobias of acupuncture - needles maybe but not acupuncture - & will welcome acupuncture for any other conditions that may afflict me in the future.  

Reason For Treatment: Chronic back pain

Benefits of Treatment: My back problems are the result of accidents while on duty in the USAF. My lumbar spine was injured in an ejectrion seat training incident. My cervical spine was injured in an auto accident. My lumbar spine is fused from L2 to S1 and held together with 10 2" titanium screws fastened to two titanium rods parallel to my spine. After 6 treatments my pain level has been reduced 50%. I am looking forward to soon being able to reduce my medications which include Naproxen, Tramadol, and Codeine 3. Before acupuncture I needed a rolling walker for walking distances, and a walking stick for short spans. I still use them but I am not so dependent on them.  

Reason For Treatment: Migraines

Benefits of Treatment: I was referred to Dr. Wedge by the VA. I suffer from migraines--so severe sometimes I have to pack my head in ice, wear ear plugs because noises are amplified and I wear an eye mask because the light intensifies my migraine and causes nausea. I know all migraines are different but acupuncture works for me! Dr. Wedge has done a tremendous job in alleviating my migraines. I’m hopeful that in the future I will become migraine free. Dr. Wedge is professional, knowledgeable and with a great sense of humor; if you are suffering from pain you definitely need to see him.  

Reason For Treatment: Breast Cancer

Benefits of Treatment: Dr. Wedge has been SO helpful to me as I am going through breast cancer. He has put me on many supplements and herbs to help fight the cancer. He is very knowledgeable and I appreciate that he takes the time to talk and answer questions. He truly cares about his patients, that is clear. I am making tremendous progress with my treatment and am very thankful for Dr. Wedge. I have recommended him to other women with breast concerns. 

Reason For Treatment: Neck pain

Benefits of Treatment: I had so much swelling and discomfort in my neck from past injuries that I had trouble even moving it. The acupuncture sessions that I have had have been pleasant and have relieved the swelling and pain so much that I have referred several people to your office. I have tried to get other doctors to refer me to an acupuncturist but all they wanted to do is give me muscle relaxers, pain pills, physical therapy or I have been told that it is arthritis and to learn to live with it. I am so pleased and happy with the customer service, care and treatment that I would not change anything. 

Reason For Treatment: Adrenal Fatigue/Migraine Headaches

Benefits of Treatment: I was referred to Dr. Wedge by a dear friend when I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue in the fall of last year. I was told it would take some time (months to a year) before I would be back on my feet. My first appointment lasted over an hour and felt at ease with Dr. Wedge. I was happy to know, along with the treatments for the Adrenal system, I could also be treated for migraine headaches that I had suffered with for years. I elected to have a Thermogram on my head/neck and found significant areas, including sinus which were compromised and probably contributing to migraines and re-occuring sinus infections. We began a nutritional, acupuncture and specially formulated Chinese Herbal treatment the following week. In a little over a month, the symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue are dimenishing, I have not had a migraine and feel improvement in the sinuses. I am extremely happy with the results, Dr. Wedge, and the staff at PACM. I am also grateful that Dr. Wedge, was willing to work, with my Internal Medicine Physician and, are working together, to help me recover. I feel I have the best of both worlds!  

Reason For Treatment: Neck pain, numbness in hands

Benefits of Treatment: I have had chronic neck issues for over 20 years and have spent a lot of money at various chiropratic offices trying to alleviate the problem. After the first accupuncture treatment the problems I was experiencing subsided considerably, and have continued to improve dramatically. We have only recently begun to address the numbness in my hands, and that has already improved dramatically. I highly recommend acupuncture and Dr. Wedge!  

Reason For Treatment: Chronic and intense low back pain

Benefits of Treatment: After 30 years of intense pain, medications and surgery, with acupuncutre there is no more pain in my back or ribs. Thank you very much 

Reason For Treatment: extreme pain in low back, hips and groin, hard walking

Benefits of Treatment: Never got much benefit from the pills...BUT the acupuncture is working amazingly BETTER than 4 years of vicodin and various other pills only...I am a full convert of this treatment, and advise everyone who reads this and has any thoughts about the HUMAN healing factor to try this for yourself---it is NOT painful, and it WILL work! I am walking better than I have in 4 years, and sometimes WITHOUT my cane--and my pains are now turning into mere discomfort, and it is slowly going AWAY!!! Mike Wedge is a miracle worker and knows what he is doing for YOU, both with treatments and supplements -- and if anyone has problems, I am the poster child for getting them fixed through acupuncture!!!!!! 

Reason For Treatment: Knee Pain / Arthritis of the knees

Benefits of Treatment: About 10 years ago I had 6 acupuncture treatments from Dr. Wedge. I had a painful knee which kept me from doing normal activities. After each session with Dr. Wedge I could feel improvement. When I finished treatments my knee was in excellent condition. I have just had 4 treatments on my other knee and it is so much improved. Premier Acupuncutre is a very excellent facility in all aspects 

Reason For Treatment: neck and back pain

Benefits of Treatment: Dr. Wedge is very personable, knowledgable and thorough. Accupuncture definately eased my neck pain...it's hard to understand how it works...but it sure does! I am thankful to have this service right here in the Valley! 

Reason For Treatment: Neck and Back pain

Benefits of Treatment: For years i suffered with mid back pain that continued up into my neck. I finally decided to see a Chiropractor to see if i could get relief. I went to several different Chiropractors in my travels, and had to continue to go at least once a week to remain pain free. I saw Dr Mike for hormone issues and he suggested i try Acupuncture for my pain. After a month i was pain free and unless i reinjured my back, i remained pain free. Thank you Dr Mike for making life so much better! I am a firm "believer" in the benefits of Acupuncture. 

Reason For Treatment: Back Pain

Benefits of Treatment: I was taking muscle relaxeds and pain medication for my low back. After just 3 treatments I have been drug free. I am thankful for the ability of Mr. Wedge 

Reason For Treatment: Low back pain

Benefits of Treatment: Premier acupuncture gave me back my quality of life. Prior to seeing Michael Wedge I had no hope of getting better from my back pain. I was bed ridden and in severe pain. I was spending numerous visits at the Palmer ER and saw numerous doctors in Anchorage and Wasilla. The doctors couldn’t help me; their idea of getting better was to disburse medications. I had tried surgery, chiropractic, massage, pain killers, hot packs, cold packs, home remedies, you name it and I tried it. Nothing worked to take this pain away. I had heard of acupuncture but doubted it. One day as I was being taken to the ER I had thought about acupuncture and decided to go there while I was in so much pain. That was the best choice I made when I met Michael Wedge. He could see the pain I was in. I explained what happened and he listened and believed me. Michael Wedge explained to me that I would need to be patient and that the pain would not go away the first time and that I would need to give it some time to work. I did just that. Soon after my first visit I started feeling better. I was able to be up during the day and had less pain. I continued to go to the treatments and now I am pain free and I am able to work, do chores and go to functions and things we all take for granted. I have had the best of care at Premier Acupuncture & Complementary Medicine. At PACM you are not just a number or file, you are a person. You do not have to wait in the waiting room like other facilities, you get right in on your scheduled time. Mary and Julie are friendly, pleasant and are there to help you with insurance questions. I made the right choice when I decided to try PACM; it was the best choice I can say I ever made. I got my life back.  

Reason For Treatment: Came for thermography

Benefits of Treatment: My Thermal Imaging experience with Michael Wedge was excellent. I would be glad to be a reference for clients if you ever need one. I had a previous Thermal Imaging in Anchorage that was helpful yet not nearly as professional and thorough. I learned so much. 

Reason For Treatment: Low back pain

Benefits of Treatment: I have tried two different Chiropractors and neither were any help in managing the arthritis pain. I tried all the anti-inflammatory medications and arthritis medications, the side effects were too harsh. With regular (acupuncture)treatments my arthritis pain is controlled well enough for me to remain active and functional. Other treatments have not been as successful. 

Reason For Treatment: Pain management

Benefits of Treatment: After five years of chronic pain and chronic pain management, surgery, Physical Therapy, Massage, Chiropractic treatment and multiple other treatments – Dr. Wedge suggested specific Acupuncture treatments which decreased my current pain level so dramatically! I am considering cancelling back fusion surgery because I can live with the amount of pain I currently have. 

Reason For Treatment: Sciatica, Hip pain, Neck pain

Benefits of Treatment: I’m very pleased and recommend this office to many of my friends. I have used Chiropractic and Massage but this is the only thing that has worked for me. 

Reason For Treatment: Neck pain with tingling in my arms, headaches, low back pain

Benefits of Treatment: This experience has been amazing. For the first time in 22 years I have not had a headache! The pain in my back has been reduced. I’ve tried Chiropractic and Massage Therapy. Both relieved the pain but did not get rid of the pain.  

Reason For Treatment: Low back pain

Benefits of Treatment: Michael Wedge and his staff are friendly, knowledgeable, professional and punctual. A painful, longstanding injury was preventing me from enjoying activities, including exercise. Mr. Wedge and Acupuncture far exceeded my expectations for recovery. I am back doing activities I once enjoyed and I am pain free. Acupuncture worked for me when nothing else did.  

Reason For Treatment: Back pain and routine breast thermography

Benefits of Treatment: For over three years I have received Breast Thermograms and treatments for lower back pain from Mike Wedge. My back pain has been relieved, and I believe the Thermograms are so much less invasive and more accurate than conventional mammograms. I feel that I’ve had excellent service, supplied with knowledge and provided with empathy and humor. I also feel that I’m a respected partner in my treatment, and my questions , if not answered on the spot were researched. This attention also demonstrates respect for me as a patient. I am pleased and grateful that such a competent complementary medical practitioner is in our small town, and I am glad to have a chance to say so! 

Reason For Treatment: Hip and low back pain

Benefits of Treatment: Dr. Wedge is very knowledgeable and thorough. I felt improvements in my lower back in two visits.  

Reason For Treatment: Neck and Low back pain.

Benefits of Treatment: I came here sort of as a last resort because I felt I’d tried pretty much everything else to get rid of the pain. So far, Acupuncture has been the only thing that has helped me improve. I have tried medication, Pullman Regional Hospital, WSU Health and Wellness, Physical Therapy and two different Chiropractors in Washington State. 

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