Our Philosophy

Every person is born with a powerful, innate ability to heal. 

We believe in the importance of conventional medicine, but we also understand its weakness.  The same is true of Asian medicine.  The weaving together of Western and Asian medicine will provide a superior health care system to the one we currently have.  The fact that the US has about 5 percent of the world’s population but consumes 80 percent of the pain medication is a good indicator that there needs to be a better approach to chronic pain and illness.

Acupuncture is a powerful treatment modality that stimulates healing through activation, and nomalization of the nervous and endocrine systems.  There is nothing mystical about acupuncture, it is simply a way of stimulating our body’s natural or innate healing ability.

We believe healthcare is a partnership between you and us.

We believe you deserve more and should expect more from your healthcare.  Whether it’s how you are greeted when you walk into the office, the health care you receive, the respect you are given, or any other aspect of your time with us, we know you deserve the best and you should expect nothing less.

We invite you to join us and together we will work toward health and healing.

Office Staff

Michael Wedge, L.Ac.
Dipl. NCCAOM Acupuncture
Board Certified Clinical Thermographer
State Licensed Acupuncturist

Michael has been involved in medicine in one form or another since 1979.  He began working as an EMT in Southern California and was then accepted to the UCSD Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic program.  He worked as a paramedic for about 11 years and was a paramedic field preceptor.  Michael studied Asian Medicine at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.  After graduating, he finished up course work in clinical hypnosis.  Michael is board certified in acupuncture through the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and is board certified in clinical thermography through the Academy of Medical Infrared Training.  

Julie has been with us for many years and is pivotal to our success.  Julie is happy to assist you in any way she can to make your experience with us an enjoyable one.  If you have questions or concerns, difficulty with insurance or simply want to know more about what we do, Julie will be happy to assist you.  

Barb has multiple responsibilities around the office.  She can be found around the front office, or working on insurance, marketing or in the back office.  Barb is also our thermography tech.  Barb is happy to assist you in any way she can.  For our patients that are Veterans, Barb can handle just about any VA / Choice related problem you can send her way.  As with Julie, the office would not be the same with out her.
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