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    Does insurance cover acupuncture?
    Over time, increasing numbers of insurance policies cover acupuncture. Some offer excellent coverage, and others very poor coverage. We are in network for Aetna, BCBS, EMBS, Cigna and we are authorized providers for the VA/Choice program. We also accept Workers Comp coverage (if the insurer covers acupuncture, and auto. We can look into what coverage you might have, just give us a call.
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    Aren't you only treating symptoms?
    Acupuncture certainly produces symptom relief in the vast majority of those we treat, but the results are not simply symptomatic. Acupuncture stimulates healing. If your body can heal, acupuncture will stimulate that process. For more on this question, see the information under acupuncture.
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    How much does acupuncture cost?
    The price varies due to what services are provided. The base cost for acupuncture is currently $129. Acupuncture is billed in units as defined by the insurance industry, so this can impact the cost as well. New patients have a new exam charge which varies based on complexity.
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    Does breast thermography replace mammography?
    This is a very important question. Thermography is a physiologic assessment and mammography, MRI, Ultrasound are structural assessments. Thermography adds a level of assessment structural imaging does not, but thermography does not replace structural assessment and structural assessment does not replace thermography. Please check out the information provided under thermography on our website.
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    How long have you practiced acupuncture?
    I graduated for the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 1992 and started practicing in 1993. I am nationally board certified in acupuncture through the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).
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    Does acupuncture really work?
    I have heard this questions many times over the years. I love this question. I can tell you about the research, you can read patient testimonials, you can watch the few "Watch a Treatment" videos I have put up on this site, and you can talk to people that have been treated by me. But if you are skeptical, this will not change your mind. So I invite you to come in and see for yourself. 85-90 percent of our patients respond very well. Why not you?
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    Are the needles reused?
    Acupuncture needles are never reused. This is not only an FDA requirement, the comfort and safety of those we care for is of the utmost importance. At Premier Acupuncture you will never be exposed to a used needle. Only single use, factory sterilized, brand new acupuncture needles are used.
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    How many treatments does it take?
    This varies from person to person. I can say that for pain treatment, almost everyone will notice improvement during the initial treatment, often times extremely rapidly. If there has been no improvement after 4-6 twice weekly treatments, acupuncture (for pain) will not likely be effective for you. In people that don't respond, often times there is more significant pathology that requires surgery, or the body is so injured, it will not heal. Some resolve their pain in one treatment and some take months, depending on a variety of variables.
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