Spasms - Debilitating Pain - Loss of Function?

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  • Are you tired of one procedure after another not providing you relief and a better quality of life? 

  • Are you no longer able to enjoy activities you once loved?

  • Are you afraid you will spend the rest of your life in severe pain?


We have been successfully* treating mild to debilitating low back pain for over 26 years.   We invite you to come in for a free consultation or to schedule an appointment.  Let us help you, like we have helped so many before you, live a more comfortable and enjoyable life. 
Acupuncture For Low Back Pain

Not losing another precious day with family
and friends due to back pain - Simply Beautiful

A Few Words / Videos From Our Patients

"My back problems are the result of accidents while on duty in the USAF. My lumbar spine was injured in an ejection seat training incident. My cervical spine was injured in an auto accident. My lumbar spine is fused from L2 to S1 and held together with 10 2" titanium screws fastened to two titanium rods parallel to my spine. After 6 treatments my pain level has been reduced 50%.  Samuel T.
"I came here sort of as a last resort because I felt I’d tried pretty much everything else to get rid of  the pain. So far, Acupuncture has been the only thing that has helped me improve. I have tried  medication, Pullman Regional Hospital, WSU Health and Wellness, Physical Therapy and two                  different Chiropractors in Washington State."  - Mary P.
"After five years of chronic pain and chronic pain management, surgery, Physical Therapy, Massage, Chiropractic treatment and multiple other treatments – Dr. Wedge suggested specific Acupuncture treatments which decreased my current pain level so dramatically! I am considering cancelling back fusion surgery because I can live with the amount of pain I currently have. "- Terry D.
"I have experienced debilitating muscle and joint pain throughout my body, but especially in my back and neck. I have received treatment from doctors from the mid-70s and chiropractors since the mid-1980s, but with only temporary relief. I have frequently left chiropractic treatments with more pain than when I arrived for a reoccurring visit. After acupuncture treatments, I have now been mostly pain free for more than a year"  Dan D.
"Thank you for the wonderful service and care you provided me. As a 100% military Service Disabled      Veteran I searched high and low for help with my bad back to no avail, well not until found Premier Acupuncture .  Top notch pain management care with a professional staff second  to none." - Ray S.
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Assessment & Treatment​​
Our Approach



​Herbal & Nutritional Medicine



Our goal is not simply symptom relief.  Our programs include corrective care as well to increase the chances of long term or permanent improvement improvement or resolution of your back pain.

We begin with a thorough review of your history and medical records, and review any supplements, herbs and medications you are currently taking.  We discuss injuries, stress and any other factors that might have a contributing role in your back pain.  We listen carefully to you in order to better understand the cause(s) of your pain, thereby allowing for effective treatment.​

​A physical exam will be completed, and if needed, a medical thermogram to help better assess your back pain.​  To learn more about thermograms click here.
​​After identifying possible causes and aggravations of your back pain, we will take steps to eliminate the problem.  
  • ​​Herbal and nutritional medicine will be utilized as indicated.  These are safe and effective treatments.
  • Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment that will generally rapidly decrease your back pain, and with a course of treatment, greatly enhance the probability of long term treatment success.

  • ​Stress management classes will be available for general health improvement, but also to address any stress related component causing increased physical tension, and pain.  Classes are taught by Shelly Jacobs-Wedge, MA, LPA.  Shelly is a practicing psychotherapist and is extensively trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).  She is a past adjunct professor of psychology.​

  • Classes covering proper stretching and exercises to protect you back will also be offered.

  • Detoxification and proper nutrition to reduce inflamation & promote healing.

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*Although we have a high success rate - 80 percent or greater - in treating back pain and sciatica, it is important to understand you may not respond well, or at all, to treatment.  There is no guarantee of specific results, nor are any such results implied.  Everyone is different.  We can promise we will do our very best to see that your treatment program is successful, but individual results vary.