Medical Thermography

  • Peripheral Blood Flow Assessment

  • Pain / Injury Assessment

  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Assessment

  • Monitoring changes from treatment

  • Safe, no radiation

  • Painless, no physical contact with your body

For most pain related problems, there is no cost for thermography if you are receiving treatment from us. *

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Medical thermography utilizes a thermal (heat) imaging camera specially designed for imaging the human body.  Heat patterns can be normal, or they can indicate areas of injury, muscle sprain /strain, altered blood flow to the area of injury, infection, inflammation, cancer, abnormal peripheral circulation and certain neurologic problems such as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. 

We utilize thermal imaging in pain and trauma to "visualize" the area of injury, the extent of tissue involvement and to monitor response to treatment.  For example,
the two images to the left are before and after images.  The top image shows abnormal heat in the upper back on the right.  The lower image is the same person after one acupuncture treatment.

The third image confirms this persons migraines are cervical in origin.  Knowing this, I can easily go after the cause of the migraines and more quickly resolve the problem.

The forth image clearly shows the absence of the left foot.  The foot is actually present, but there is abnormal cooling indicating nerve root impingement in the low back.

Preparing For A Thermogram

There is a good chance you will receive a thermogram during your initial exam.  It is important you follow the pre-imaging protocols for an accurate thermogram.  In your registration packet you will find the pre-imaging protocol.  Call us if you have questions.

Why Premier Acupuncture for Thermography?

  • We introduced medical thermography to Southcentral Alaska in 2003

  • We use state of the art, high definition medical thermography equipment.  Better imaging means better assessment.

  • We have the only board certified clinical thermographer in Southcentral Alaska.
What is Medical Thermography?
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